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Tripwave App


With rapid advances in online travel technology, consumers become sophisticated in their travel planning and booking. More than 36 million Americans research vacation options and make reservations on their mobile. However, nearly 42% of users spend an average 30 hours in planning their trips. Therefore, I looked into the travel studies to developed effective solutions for travel planner. Tripwave is a mobile app that generates plan results based on travel companions and destinations. It helps users to organize plans with the groups and they can share their amazing guides after the trip to help other people plan their journey wisely.


Naoshima has gathered global attention as a center of contemporary art island. However, only almost 30,000 tourists now visit this island from Japan and abroad every year. Compare to other countries; Naoshima doesn't have enough impact on tourism. So what the problem is? First, tourists usually can’t get around the island easily due to the comparatively low level of English speaking for most of native Japanese. Lastly, many art and installation collections that are outside the museum have no label or English translation introduction. It is difficult for foreigners to understand the history and process behind the artworks. Lastly, Naoshima doesn’t promote the island’s uniqueness well enough. Low publicity problems need to be solved to increase tourism.


To solve the inefficiency in travel planning, I looked into travel studies and to understood insights of travel planner’s behaviors. From that, I brainstormed my ideas to satisfy the specific needs of the users in the wireframes.


After having a better roadmap for my product, I put my thoughts into the wireframes. By visualizing different ideas, I was able to implement initial ideas to better solutions. The design of the menu button was very intuitive and seamless. It stayed on every screens so users can switch functions by just a tap.

User Flow

Rachel Green, a trip planner in this context, should be easy to plan the trip with her friends by selecting BFFs for her travel companions and Iceland as their destination. Seamlessly manage her restaurant reservation into the plan and effortlessly organize the trip with her group of friends. Lastly, Rachel can also access to other user’s guide to help her prepare it efficiently. As this can happen in any random order, the app’s flow has to be user-friendly and intuitive, so there are no gaps between users and the product.


Customize Your Trip With A Click

Rachel selects her travel companions and destinations to generate the database searching from the internet

Effortlessly book for your favorite places by a click

Rachel is interested in the bar from the article so that she can see the detailed rating. She can also make reservation and adds in her itinerary.

It’s About Sharing And Connecting Your Experience To Help Other Travelers.

Rachel has no idea where to go in Iceland, so she references guides that are shared by other users on Tripwave. To see more details for each day, she only need to click on certain day to read more information

Plan Your Trip Efficiently With Your Groups

Different color codes representing each friend on chat: When Pheobe leaves a note, other will see an orange dot under the event. Phoebe’s note will appear by clicking the dot to expand the content.

We Saved Your Memories On Tripwave!

Rachel has liked many bars and articles. Tripwave has organized everything into tags and categories. Also, Rachel can always go back to previous trips on her profile.


It's an interactive prototype. Have fun!